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ESOF2008 - Euroscience Open Forum 2008

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18.07.2008 - 22.07.2008

ESOF2008 - Euroscience Open Forum 2008

8 rue des Ecrivains
67000 Strasbourg
Phone: +33 3 88 24 11 50
Fax: +33 3 88 24 75 56
Email: office@euroscience.ws

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Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation
Phone: + 34 93 268 77 00
Fax: + 34 93 319 32 57
Email: mobilitat@fcri.es

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Research & Innovation
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Barcelona Conference Cente


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ESOF2008: a unique opportunity to influence the future of science in Europe.
The mission of the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) is to provide both the European and the international science and business communities with an open platform for debate and communication. It presents and profiles Europe's leading research trends in the sciences, humanities and social sciences. It is an opportunity to discuss and influence the future of research and innovation in Europe by involving all main stakeholders: scientists, business executives and policy-makers.
Discover new trends and directions in research, business, science policy and funding.
Network with leaders of the international science and business community.
Communicate your research and ideas to an international audience.
Participate in the debate, discussion and excitement of European science and technology.
Meet and talk to scientific and business journalists from Europe and around the world.
Develop your career, your future projects and your contacts.
ESOF2008 provides a wide range of sessions and participatory activities for: Scientists and researchers; Young researchers and graduate students; Policy makers and public and science managers; Business people, entrepreneurs and innovators; Non-profit-organisation managers, social entrepreneurs and innovators; Politicians at all levels of government; Journalists; Science communicators and press officers; Science and humanities educators; Students; The general public.
The ESOF2008 Research and Innovation Exhibition offers businesses, institutions, foundations and associations a privileged opportunity to reach the ESOF attendants and the general public. The exhibition will be held at the Fira de Barcelona, a centrally-located and high-traffic exhibition space and offer the exhibitors the possibility to be recognized as a science and technology leader, to connect with Europe's science community and to recruit leading researchers across disciplines and across Europe.

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