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SAT Expo Europe 2009

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19.03.2009 - 21.03.2009

SAT Expo Europe 2009

Promospace S.r.l.
Corso Palladio 114 -
36100 Vicenza, Italy
Phone: +39 0444 543133
Fax: +39 0444 543466
Email: info@satexpo.it

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Ms Ilaria Pivato
(Marketing Director)
Phone: 0039 0444 543133
Email: Ms Ilaria Pivato




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SAT Expo Europe 2009 - Space has the leading role
On the 19th, 20th and 21st of March, the Rome Fair dedicates three days to the developing status of Italian space applications, which are world-wide strategically necessary for our future.
SAT Expo Europe will be the epicentre for meetings and contact point to get in touch with institutional and economic representatives, as well as aerospace markets and advanced TLC's of the Mediterranean and Balkan countries.

Three great space infrastructural projects will come to an end in the next few years: the Galileo System (2013), the Cosmo Sky-Med Constellation (2009) and the satellite net in KA Band (2010). These three dates will open a scenario of new integrations, convergences between space applications and services, as well as the economic and cultural needs for Europe and the Mediterranean.

These projects will create the rationalization of: mobility management and transportation logistics (Galileo); use of UAV unpiloted aircrafts (unmanned aerial vehicle); civilian dual-use for environmental protection and territorial monitoring for preventive and security purposes (Cosmo Sky-Med); new advanced TLC platforms and satellite Internet for the development of new broadcasting transmissive possibilities (HDTV and 3D), as well as connectivity and net for the world-wide web.

At SAT Expo Europe all of these programmes will converge and create the integration of land and space systems. These systems and applications will be visible and available for discovery in different sectors of the exhibiting area, as they represent the entire spectrum of realized projects and development programs initiated by the biggest players, Agencies, space organizations, institutions and TLC's associations, as well as Italian and European Broadcasters.

For three days, the exhibition will be the fulcrum of debates, comparisons and discussions on which transformative and growth-related opportunities are advancing on the market: Industry, P.A., local Institutions, Broadcast, and P.M.I.. The exhibition will also be an articulated reflection on the new international geopolitical assets that space research is causing, and on the contribution and advantages that infrastructural space and satellite systems give to urgent issues such as environmental and climactic changes. A comparison that will involve leaders of institutions, the Asian as well as American space market, and especially players of emerging countries and markets, such as the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

"These last countries-says Paolo Dalla Chiara, president of SAT Expo Europe- see in the applications and services offered by the Italian and European Aerospace industry an opportunity to fill the gap in the service sector and nullify the penalizing limit of digital divide. Rome has been the centre for the Mediterranean. Today, Rome becomes the tying knot of the new European services and space applications for both Europe and the Mediterranean. The exhibition-follows Dalla Chiara- will be display of a new, close by scenario, but above all a meeting point for the demand -offer ratio of space applications and services through the involvement of many foreign delegations. An aim-that the SAT Expo Steering Committee- concludes Dalla Chiara- has set to realize and implement due to the presence in the 2008 edition of an outstanding 13 foreign delegations. The 2009 edition has programmed and selected B2B meetings that will constitute the "Country Partner" project, which important aerospace industry leaders have already endorsed with enthusiasm".

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